Computerized Measuring System

Chris' Auto Body is proud to utilize the Car-O-Tronic computerized measuring system for collision repair in Flemington, Hunterdon County, NJ, in Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey and in Doylestown and New Hope, Bucks County, PA.




Car-O-Tronic TM, with new Car-O-Soft 2000 software, is the first photo-based measuring system of its kind. Actual vehicle photos allow you to precisely target measuring points fast. On-screen instructions make the system easy to learn, and the wireless measuring probe using radio communications eliminates the need for bothersome cables, wires on the floor, and hanging targets. With Car-O-Tronic you can measure any point, anytime while monitoring the pulling process. Car-O-Tronic is completely compatible with almost any collision repair system you might have in your shop. It's easy to move from bay-to-bay. And damage analysis can be done even before the vehicle is put on the repair bench. Making Car-O-Tronic well suited for vehicle inspections and estimating procedures. Car-O-Tronic gives you the speed and accuracy you need to make better repairs, faster than ever. That adds up to greater productivity. And that's why Car-O-Tronic is the #1 electronic measuring system in the world.

Car-O-Soft 2000 allows you to navigate through the system effortlessly. Windows-based index gives you easy access to data on over 7,000 car, light truck, van and SUV models. Actual photos of the measuring points appear on the screen automatically as the measuring slide moves from point to point. Photos can be enlarged for full screen viewing. Takes the guesswork out of identifying the measuring point.

Car-O-Soft 2000 software along with Car-O-Data gives you on screen photos of the actual point to be measured.

Upper body measuring is made simple and accurate with the high-measuring- point adapter.

Any point can be easily measured - no cables, no targets.

You can even diagnose other parts of the vehicle, including suspension, using the comparative or point-to-point measuring modules.

Car-O-Soft 2000 gives you 20 alternatives that can be either printed or transmitted to other software systems (i.e. insurance companies or estimating systems).

Peak performance from start to finish
Car-O-Tronic is completely compatible with almost any collision repair system you might have in your shop. And, because of its convenient size, it is easy to move from bay-to-bay. Analysis and diagnosis of damage can be done even before putting the vehicle up on the repair bench, thus saving you time and keeping you from tying-up your bench or rack systems. Car-O-Tronic communicates via wireless infrared signal, eliminating interfering cables.

Easy to learn and use
Car-O-Tronic has a user-friendly, Windows™-based, menu-driven design. It is easy to learn and use, even for new or infrequent computer users. Car-O-Tronic provides a quick diagnosis of the extent of damage along with control of the important measurement of the vehicle during the entire repair process. The damage is shown clearly as a graphic illustration on the screen, or as a print out. During the repair Car-O-Tronic provides several detailed graphic presentations of the measuring points, instantly updated throughout the process. When the repair work is finished, you can print out a corresponding document which certifies that the vehicle is accurately repaired.

Electronic measurement support kit
With the M801 support kit you can roll your Car-O-Tronic under the vehicle, allowing you to make rapid and simple damage analysis, while saving time and valuable capacity on your repair bench.

Hand Terminal for Car-O-Tronic
A handheld PC as control unit for the Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring system. This is a booklet sized, pen based computer. The hand terminal supports your pulling operation on the spot and gives you wireless communication with the measuring slide.

A profitable investment
Car-O-Tronic comes complete with the extensive vehicle data, containing measurement references for virtually every vehicle on the road today. Subscribers receive quarterly CD-Rom updates for new and existing vehicles. Together with the extensive vehicle data services from Car-O-Liner, the Car-O-Tronic rapidly becomes a profitable investment.