Special Restoration

You are passionate about your classic car. You can trust Chris' Auto Body to restore your car's finish to tip-top condition. We have restored countless cars over the years throughout Flemington, Hunterdon County and Mercer County, New Jersey and in Bucks County, PA.

Our auto body restoration service can make your car look brand new from old!

Apart from meticulous care and workmanship there's a part of Chris' Auto Body in every classic car restoration that is completed. A difference that can clearly be seen in the end result. We can start with a stripped down "nothing" and turn it into the "treasure" you have always dreamed of.

With over 50 years of experience in all stages of automobile restoration, we do cars that you drive just for fun, or cars that are show quality winners. Turn to Chris' Auto Body for top-quality auto body restoration services in Lambertville & Hunterdon County, NJ.